My Rubber Duck

I’m a huge believer in Rubber Duck Problem Solving. If you don’t know what Rubber Ducking is, essentially it is the idea that when you are working through a problem, you need to explain it out loud to someone or *something*. This is similar to learning by teaching theory – that you better learn and retain concepts by explaining them to others.

This site is my version of that – exploring familiar topics in more depth and in new ways to further my understanding as well as to provide a reference for others to use. I know there are already hundreds, if not millions, of articles out on the vast internet about these topics; I know you could look elsewhere. I wouldn’t blame you. But the other advantage of having my own virtual Rubber Duck is that the duck is alive – it can participate.

I want to encourage participation on this site – I want to be challenged. I want discussion. I want expansion. I want this to be my own personal KB.

I invite you to explore and participate. If you have any questions, contact me.

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